Saturday, December 11, 2010

Christmas Cards

Thanks to Shutterfly, I was inspired to write a post about my favorite Christmas cards.  While a traditional Christmas card is always nice to get, especially if there is a letter inside (even it's a form letter...that's okay....I forgive you!), my favorite kind of Christmas cards are photo cards.  While it's easy to stay connected online in today's day and age, it's fun to get a photo card with recent family photos from either a photo session or family event during the year.  We've been having fun putting all of them on our fridge.  We are running out of magnets though!  (A good problem to have)

I'm planning to create this year's Christmas photo cards through Shutterfly.  They have SO many options and honestly, sometimes too many!  :)  (Again, a good problem to have.)

Here's what the subject of our cards will be this year...can you guess where this is?

With Shutterfly, not only can you do photo cards, but you can do photo books (we've done this for grandparents in the past) and desk calendars (I've never done, but they look like a neat idea).

Let me know what you create, or better yet...send it to my mailbox!  I love mail :)